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 Costumer Appreciation🛍

We do local, meet-ups on Vancouver Island (Free Of Charge,  and here we have some of our pleased customers!

Vic Streetwear local meet ups
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About VS.

Growing up in Victoria, BC, I was always amazed by the power of expression through clothes, I loved how different combinations of clothes can turn anyone into a whole other person. At the age of 13, I launched Vicstreetwear, first is started off with a low-scale buy sell & trade page. with low followers but a big dream ahead. Since starting in the fall of 2019, @vic_streetwear on Instagram has grown rapidly! Fast forward to the summer of 2023, I knew it was time to expand. I gathered my childhood best friends to help me dive into the wonders of reselling. my friend group has been a big help for me growing up whether it was personal or sneaker-related. because of these strong relationships, we brought our local pop-up shops to life, combined with our fun creative marketing strategies! With the help of my family and friends, I've now been able to follow my passion. To help people find and express themselves, in the best way possible. CLOTHING! So join us for the ride, and continue to be you! follow your dreams...






The Full Story

Of Our Products 📖

This page describes how VS sources its different stocks. What platforms do they use to get quality stock? How stock is checked and verified before uploading? And any other information regarding their stock!

Our Products


Here at VS, we source our shoes from a variety of places, we often find deals through building relationships over the years. we strive to bring credibility to every platform we are on. We also buy some of our products from customers and others who are looking to trade in their old sneakers. For every, shoe we buy here at VS, we have our checklist they must go through in order to be posted up and be ready for sale. First, we check the shoe ourselves before buying, we look for any signs of fakes and defects. We check tags and stitching on sneakers. Second, we put our shoes through an online verifying app. This app requires shoe/model-specific photos for quality checking. The service is paid as well, and all shoes are 2nd checked by a professional online. If everything checks out, our new product is ready to be made market ready. We do this by doing a necessary cleaning on the shoe. We use shoe-friendly soap in order to scrub and wash the top parts of the shoe, and we use shoe-friendly chemicals for the bottom. These chemicals help us remove scuffs and other spots of dirt from the bottom of the shoe. We often place crease removers in our products, in order to help the shape of the shoe. After this, our product is ready to be put up for sale, and wait till a lucky customer picks it up, and finds these sneakers a second warm home.  

Meet the Team 👏

Get to Know Us, Our Misson and Goals, and How VS Started to Be!

Founder of VS

About Me

Carl Mondejar (owner/ sneaker consultant) From an owner's standpoint I strive to utilize my 5 years of experience in the reselling industry. Combined with my passion for supporting others. My goal is to help my clients find quality affordable products to wear daily. 

Over the past 5 years, I've worked hard to assemble my business, coming from a simple Instagram page selling my personal clothes. To where were at now.  

Our Mission

At VS, we bring affordable vintage and streetwear clothing through our brand, Vic Streetwear. We actively engage with our local community through market events. Our clothing is sourced locally, supporting our community and its businesses. Join our community of fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of vintage charm and streetwear style. Shop with Vic Streetwear to support local talent and enjoy affordable fashion. Be part of a fashion movement that uplifts your community.

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